your online prescription service.

Our mission is to give people control over their health and make health care easily accessible to everyone.

Using our questionnaires you can have an online assessment for a selected range of medical conditions and situations. Based on your answers to the questionnaires, our doctor will assess your situation and safely prescribe medication if needed. Our pharmacy partner, Pharmacy Online will then dispense your medication, which will be delivered to you via Australia Post.

We guarantee quality products. All medications dispensed from Doctus are genuine medicines sourced from Australian pharmacists.



Consider the real cost of seeing a doctor: time off from work, transport and parking costs. Then consider the logistics: making an appointment at a suitable time, getting leave from work or arranging childcare, getting to the doctor, waiting in the waiting room, and then going to the pharmacy.

Now imagine a doctor’s consultation from the comfort of your own home or workplace. Doctus makes all of this possible. Just complete an online questionnaire at your own convenience, and have your medication delivered directly from a registered Australian pharmacy.

Online consultations can never completely replace the need for face to face consultations. However, in some circumstances it may be an acceptable substitute. If our doctors think that you need a face to face consultation, they will advise you to attend your local practice, rather than seeing a Doctus doctor.

Any information you provide to Doctus is treated confidentially. Doctus protects your patient health records and stores them securely for your access. For more information, read our Privacy Policy here


Due to the shortage of doctors, the aging population and the increasing pressure on the health workforce, every effort needs to be made to reduce the health cost burden to the country.

Doctus provides an affordable and effective supplement to the traditional health care system. Patients will not have to wait for their appointment for simple matters, or travel a long distance incurring high expenses. Instead they can have these matters solved and any treatments delivered at a low cost to the individual and the community